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Best Alberta Mortgage Services—Specializing in Edmonton and Fort McMurray Home Loans

Do you need to get your mortgage financed as quickly as possible? Let us take care of the work. We offer excellent interest rates, quick approval, and fast close solutions for new purchases, refinances, and renewals.

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Edmonton Mortgage Services

New Home Purchase

Are you planning to purchase a new home? Your first step is getting pre-approved.

A pre-approval ensures that you know exactly how much you can afford, and how much you can spend.

The pre-approval process is very easy. You'll be asked to fill out an online application and provide information about your personal assets, income, and employment. The Mortgage Broker will help make a thorough assessment of your financial situation, and determine how much you can comfortably spend.

Getting pre-approved will improve your chances of buying the home of your dreams at a price you want, and allow you to hold the best interest rate for up to 120 days.

Pre-approvals take less than 24 hours and are completely free, like most Mortgage Broker services.

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Mortgage Refinancing Edmonton

There are many reasons why you might want to refinance your mortgage:

  • Obtain a lower interest rate
  • Shorten the term of your mortgage
  • Consolidate debt and pay off high interest credit cards
  • Convert your mortgage from a variable rate to a fixed rate, or vice versa 
  • Or tap into your home's equity for a large purchase

Whatever your reason to refinance, we can help! Start saving money today by taking advantage of the benefits that home loan refinancing provide.

Complete a simple online application – and get approved for mortgage refinancing anywhere in Alberta. Approvals in less than 24 hours.

Contact us for your free consultation mortgage refinance consultation.

Mortgage Renewal Edmonton

When your mortgage reaches its maturity date, it's time to re-negotiate!

In most cases, your existing mortgage lender will send you a mortgage renewal letter that is usually not competitive with the best market interest rate.

This is the perfect time to speak with a mortgage broker who works with a number of loan providers. They can make the lenders compete for your business!

Most lenders offer no cost mortgage switches/renewal and will take care of the fees associated with switching, such as appraisal, legal, and discharge fees.

Do you need money to pay off credit card or other debts? Need funds for an upcoming renovation or just want to tap into your equity?

Now is the perfect time to consider a home loan refinance as there would be no penalty or costs incurred.

Contact us for a free analysis of your current renewal statement, and cost saving advice.

If you're looking for helpful and professional mortgage advice, you've come to the right place.

Why choose Rate City for your Edmonton home?

Customer service is our first priority. After that, we want to save you money and help you build your financial equity.

We guarantee the lowest market interest rate and best possible repayment options for your home.

Not enough? Here's a few other reasons:

Wide array of mortgage products

  • First Time Home Buyers
  • Home Equity / Renovations
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Investment Properties
  • Mortgage Renewal
  • Mortgage Refinancing
  • New to Canada
  • Self-Employed
  • Vacation Homes
  • Purchase Plus Improvements Mortgage
  • Home Equity Lines of Credit

Unbeatable rates

As a proud member of the TMG The Mortgage Group family. We ensure that our portfolio of lenders (over 20!) competes for your business.

It doesn't matter if you're a First-Time Home Buyer, or need to refinance. Again, we guarantee the lowest market interest rate on your mortgage, every time!

Flexible repayment options

Every lender is different. Repayment options can fluctuate greatly. It doesn't matter if they are a bank, mono-line lender, or credit union. How they package your mortgage deal will depend on the current products that they have available.

This is where we ensure that the mortgage lender options meet the goals you are trying to reach.

World class support

We negotiate on your behalf, and communicate with the lender from start to finish. This ensures you get a smooth stress-free transaction.

We also work with you after you take possession. We want to ensure that you're taking advantage of all possible mortgage repayment strategies and keep more money in your own pocket!

What you should do now

Apply for a quick approval.

Learn everything involved when buying a home, go to my "Homebuyer Zone " page where you can read more content on real estate, financial wealth, and mortgages.

If you have questions, contact us for more information.